Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Figured I'd catch ya'll up on how I spent 2003.

January-Hard at work building Mame, rehearsals, tryin my damndest to get JIm to fall in love with me...never happened!
February-Mame begins and ends, Mike goes off to Officer Training, Get my liscense back!
March-A's Baby shower, Start job at Fish Pac
April-Turn 23!, thats about it!
May-Fish Pac Gala, fall in love with JD, first plane ride EVER, go to Alabama for Mike's graduation, drive back up through Baltimore.
June-things deepen with JD, work picks up
July-first solo flight, this time to Miss., swamp tour of New Orleans, Mike's family reunion
August-Don Juan craziness, promoted at Fish Pac, summer searon ends with russian fight
September-Resume work at Keys
October-Not much interesting
November-Gain full time employment at Keys, buy new car!
December-Mike comes home to visit, JD proposes to Li (not me), another year come and gone.

Monday, December 29, 2003

So, I survived time travel and am now back to reality. It was good to spend the past week in the role of "girlfriend" I must say. But it also feels good to go back to being single. Mike is back in Hawaii, where he belongs. And I have my life back, which I deserve! I saw a whole bunch of familar faces this weekend from Highschool, and beyond. People I never thought (or at least had hoped) I'd see again.

Friday, December 26, 2003

20 (for now) things you don't know about me...that I will never admit.
1. I keep a web journal
2. I would love to be an elementary school teacher, but I dislike children.
3. The thought of being a military wife is a romantic notion to me.
4. Deep down, I don't want my female friends to succeed.
5. I am fiercely loyal to my male friends.
6. I suffer from panic attacks whenever I have to drive over 30 miles somewhere by myself.
7. I am scared of the dark.
8. I love reality Television.
9. My cat knows me better than any of my friends.
10. I HATE to be wrong!
11. I took my current job so that when I move out, I won't feel like Im totally abandoning my dad.
12. I will always be in love with my gay best friend.
13. I am a smoker.
14. In a total 9 hour work day, I probably only do about 1 hour of actual work.
15. I am in love with my much older, committed co-worker.
16. I still fantasize about B) coming back to me.
17. I am incredibly selfish.
18. I am not scared of my parents' deaths.
19. I think I'm fat.
20. I fucked my life up pretty bad!

Merry F-ing Christmas to ME!
Spent the first half with my family, the 2nd w/ Mike's. He kissed me goodnight before I was able to escape to my car. I hate rejecting him, but tired of feeling it myself! Someone needs to draw the line!

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Wow! Blogger's made some changes?
So have I.
Mike? he was stationed in Hawaii. hes home for a week right now. the holidays. We were together, but no longer are.
I spent my summer, one of the best of my life, as a Stage Hand at a state of the art brand-spankin-new theater upstate. Met the love of my life...there is, of course, a catch. He's 37 and has been with the same woman for 7 years now. But hes opened my eyes to what a real, loving relationship can be like. If we're sticking with this site's current description...hes my Mr. Big. Lets see, what else. My parents are divorcing after 26 years. Well, lets say my mother's leaving, hence the divorce! Other than that, I got myself a full time job and a brand new car...paid off all the collection agencies...and am startin out fresh...as a daisy!
NYC and I have bonded, fought and made up. Its a torrid relationship we have...but I'm happy its the one I go to bed with!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

IM still around. I survived A's baby shower...god those things are bor-ring when you have no intention of throwing one of your own for a VERY LOOOOONG time! All that baby crap, and oohs and ahs...great fun! The real fun came when everyone came back here and we partied like rock stars until 6 am! Had to balance the domesticity of it all SOMEHOW!! It was very strange however to combine the two groups of my best friends from high school, and those from college. All in all a successful venture, though I do believe Mike was somewhat jealous when I told him of the evenings events. I don't think he reallly liked the idea of me hanging out with those that he considers HIS friends! Oh well!
Got my license back! Its strange to be able to drive whenever I want and not in fear of getting caught and arrested! Amazing what we can take for granted when allowed!